Although not avid bloggers, we are passionate about what we do. Get to know us.

Helping business owners take charge of their digital strategies.

Will Horton, Hanna Davis, and Michael “Rex” Raymond—we are the minds powering up this blog. Everything you see and read is knowledge that we believe should be out there helping companies and entrepreneurs get onboard the digital train.

Will Horton

When I was in school, I used to love writing stories. My imagination ran wild and I would sit for hours with my journal in hand, writing about anything I could think of. Later into my teens, I started an online blog. An online blog was a very new thing in those days, and I had fun trying to learn everything about it. I was not great at using computers or navigating the Internet, but I managed to teach myself some things. My old, amateur blog now lies abandoned, but here I am with a brand new one—a little project I decided to start with my friends. We all met at our previous job, which was related to digital marketing and web design, hence the themes in our blog.

Hey I am Hanna Davis, the web developer and designer of this small team. Writing may not be my strong suit, but I try to provide as much useful information as I can, about everything I know. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and done a bunch of WordPress Design courses as well. I love how web development plays a critical role in digital marketing, and I’m in this field to learn all about it. I think starting our own company will give me much more freedom to explore and learn on my own while designing websites for my clients. In the process, I hope to learn a lot more about digital marketing in general and content writing specifically. Like I said, I’m not much of a writer, but I would love to be!



The name’s Michael, but people call me Rex. It’s a name that’s stuck since childhood, and I have to say I like it. Which is why that’s the name I use in all my online profiles as well. Speaking of—who doesn’t have an online profile nowadays, right? Ah, I guess there are still some who live under a rock, but hey, the majority of the world’s online now! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn; these are the new social hubs for people across the world. Such as great opportunity, right? I’m a social media marketer, but I dabble in some outbound and traditional marketing as well, not to mention Paid Ads and Display Ads. I’ve got about 7 years combined experience, and I moved to the social media space in 2017. I currently work on a freelance, consultant basis, but I’m also working to build our business side-by-side.

How We Got Here

The three of us met when working for a full-scale digital marketing company back in 2012. Although we had satisfying jobs, eventually we parted ways with the company and went our own paths. Luckily, we had become close pals and stayed in touch long after. And today, here we are with a combined blog offering for all our readers. Allow us to take you through a short timeline of the events.

  • Joined a Marketing Agency - 2012

    Hanna was the first to join the team at our old company, then it was Rex, and finally, Will.

  • Worked On Projects Together - 2013 - 2016

    We only met a year after we joined the company. Assigned on the same project, we worked closely with the client's requirements and with each other too!

  • Rex Finds New Job - 2017

    One of the trio, Rex, moves on to a different company as a social media manager. Hanna and Will leave soon after.

  • Will Starts Freelancing - 2019

    People say freelancing full-time is hard; but not for Will. His career is almost entirely built on a freelance portfolio. Thanks to networking, he has many steady clients till date (also the fact that he's a great writer)!

  • Hanna Takes Time Off - 2019

    Wishing to learn new skills, Hanna took some time off for a year or two, which is when we used to meet very frequently. It was during drinks one night that we decided to start a business together. We knew that the 3 of us combined had all the necessary skills, and knew we could make it.

  • We Start A Blog Together - 2022

    And here we are! Our company is a work in progress (it takes a lot of effort!) and we thought, why not share our expertise with the world? Not to be bragging, but we think digital marketing & content creation knowledge can be really helpful for businesses of all kinds today. We hope you feel the same.