Three authors with experience and expertise in their respective fields – from web development to SEO, to Social Media. This is what makes most companies tick today. You will rarely find any company without an online presence in this tech world. We decided to start this blog to help small businesses and entrepreneurs enhance their online presence.

I help my clients fulfill their content requirements. Blog posts are my forte but I can write website content, white papers, and other long or short form articles as well. I am also the main writer for this blog.

-Will Horton

The techie of the gang, I’m into website development and design. I enjoy playing around with templates and have created websites for different clients from various industries. My contribution to this blog falls mainly in the tech category. 


I’m a social media enthusiast. I’m someone who enjoys all the quirky and creative aspects of social media marketing. Keeping it short and captivating is the name of the game!


What We Blog About

The topics we write about fall into 3 main categories. Check them out below.


Businesses need to constantly be on their toes to ensure that websites stay updated and optimized. Explore trends on the latest web development and design tools to improve UI/UX, as well some useful digital marketing software for enhanced CX and retention.

Social Media

With easier access to mobile devices and the Internet, most of the world is using social media in some form today. That's why it has become so important for companies to take advantage of social media channels for marketing their products and services. Explore all about it in this section.

SEO & Marketing

A major aspect of website optimization is practicing good SEO techniques. Through the power of relevant content, websites can grow organically and rank higher on SERPs. Besides that, there are plenty of other digital marketing techniques to explore—and they keep evolving.

Empowering Digital Transformation

Get to know a little bit about us, the owners of this blog.

Will Horton

The brainchild behind this blog and the main writer. I started blogging when I was in my teens, as writing came naturally to me. I decided to pursue it as a profession because I saw how in-demand content writing was becoming as more companies moved to the digital space. 

The web developer and designer of this small team. Writing may not be my strong suit, but I try to provide as much useful information as I can, about everything I know. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and done a bunch of WordPress Design courses as well. I love how web development plays a critical role in digital marketing, and I’m in this field to learn all about it.



The name’s Michael, but people call me Rex. It’s a name that’s stuck since childhood, and I have to say I like it. Which is why that’s the name I use in all my online profiles as well. I’m a social media marketer, but I dabble in some outbound and traditional marketing as well, not to mention Paid Ads and Display Ads. I’ve got about 7 years combined experience, and I moved to the social media space in 2019. I currently work on a freelance, consultant basis, but I’m also working to build our business side-by-side.

What we believe in

To become a seasoned digital marketer in today’s world requires an intricate understanding of the needs of the people.

“Marketing is not simply about selling more. It is about people; about building meaningful connections, and giving the consumer what they need rather than what we think they need.”

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